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ItemTotal DonationPayment TermPayment Frequency/Amount
Silver Founding Sponsorship. Your donation helps found a new orphanage.$38,000.00Donate Now!
Gold Founding Sponsorship. Your donation provides founding of a new orphanage and 6 months of sustaining funding.$56,000.00Donate Now!
Platinum Founding Sponsorship. Your donation provides founding of a new orphanage and 1 year of sustaining funding.$92,000.00Donate Now!

There is an urgent need in the growing child sponsorship program. This program, which enables sponsors to build relationships with their sponsored child via the internet, has filled our existing orphanage facilities. To aid the children still living in dire situations, we urgently need to add more of these facilities.

You and/or your organization would instrumental in helping us change hundreds (if not, thousands) of lives over the coming years. AFCECO's costs at the orphanages in Pakistan have dramatically increased recently for many reasons including the over 50% increase in rents due to the recent devastating earthquake. Unfortunately, these costs are even higher in war-torn Afghanistan. AFCECO has made the decision to work toward bringing all of its members home to Afghanistan. The decision to move was made because maintaining the facilities in Pakistan forces staff and children to live as refugees. They could be compelled to leave at any time by the Pakistani government. As well, the children deserve to live in orphanages closer to their homes, where they can visit their remaining relatives as often as possible. Unfortunately, due to the recent increase in operating costs, the child sponsorship rates do not support all of the expected operating expenses. As the orphanage program grows, costs are expected to decline. In the future, the current child sponsorship rate may become sufficient to cover all operating expenses - but right now we need your help!

So, in an effort to keep our individual child sponsorship price as low as possible, CharityHelp International has developed a way for donors to support the whole orphanage via the sustaining sponsorship program. If you are already contributing directly to AFCECO and would like to continue to do so while participating in this program, please contact us here and we will help facilitate the process.

To honor your generous donation, we will place a plaque at the orphanage recognizing its founding sponsor and will send you a replica of that same plaque. We will develop a public web page announcing each new orphanage and its Founding Sponsors along with a Founding Sponsor Orphanage web page chronicling the growth and activity of your orphanage. You or your group will have exclusive outside access to this second page via a secure link. For both pages, you choose how to recognize your sponsorship either with your group or business logo; family name; or something else of your choosing-we reserve the right to authorize or reject any banner. You can share your secure link with friends, family, and other interested group members. In addition to several personal email updates per year, we will post periodic on-line newsletter, pictures, and drawings to create a true interactive experience for everyone connected to the orphanage sponsorship.

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