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Become a One-time Founding Donor by helping to start a new orphanage.

Yes, I want to help with the one-time costs to help start a new orphanage.

ItemTotal DonationPayment Frequency/Amount
Donation to the startup costs of an orphanage.Pay $1,500.00 over 1 yearDonate Now!
Donation to the startup costs of an orphanage.Pay $2,000.00 over 1 yearDonate Now!
Donation to the startup costs of an orphanage.Pay $3,500.00 over 1 yearDonate Now!

Become a One-time Child Donor by paying for the total initial cost of providing for a child.

Become a Donor by providing smaller donations to help with initial and on-going expenses.

Yes, I want to help with the initial costs of providing for a child.

Yes, I want to help AFCECO provide stimulating physical activities for the children.

Yes, I want to help AFCECO continue to provide a safe and loving environment.

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