AFCECO in 2014

As the new academic year starts there have been changes within AFCECO’s management as well as in the orphanages. Due to the budget shortfall we had to reduce some of our programs including some of our orphanages. We were forced to design our programs according to the budget we have this year.

Right now, we maintain only three orphanages, two in Kabul and one in Herat. There are near two hundred children in our orphanages right now. As a result, many of our children have returned back to their villages or to their homes. We had to decide which children to keep and which children to send home considering many factors.




Support and Networking on Martha’s Vineyard

On August 23, 2010, CharityHelp International held it's first gathering on Martha's Vineyard, a small island off the coast of Massachusetts. The theme for the evening was "Empowering Afghan Women". This event featured participants from the Support and Networking Program. Paul Stevers, the founder and President of CHI was also in attendance. Paul opened the floor by sharing the story of how he founded CharityHelp International to support orphans and how in turn the success of the Child Sponsorship Program inspired him to create the Support and Networking Program.

Hassina Sherjan, who has been participating in the SNP since October 2008, was one of the speakers. She is spending one year at...



GUA-Africa Blogpost: Brazil 2014 - A Tournament With A Difference


*This blog is the first to be written by one of our students.*

By Dak Buoth Riek Gaag
18 July, 2014
I congratulate the German players for their hard fought victory in Brazil. They had shown mature, disciplined, modern and progressive football from the beginning to the final whistle. The constant presence of their leader Her Excellency Chancellor Angela Merkel in all the games really bolstered the courage they inserted. Football, soccer or Khuure as it is called in my native language is a fascinating game enjoyed by people from all walks of life across the globe. The players too are equally adored by people from disciplines notwithstanding their nationalities.
I readily recall those days when I was in my rural village in South Sudan, many young Africans would name themselves after iconic football players like David Beckham, Pele, Philip Lahm, Nkwankou Kanu, Del Piero, George Weah, Zinedine Zidane, Paul Scholes, Edgar Davids etc. As we speak I am certain children have already been named Mario Goetze, Germany's only goal scorer in the recent final.